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Health Food : Korean Intestine Care Probiotic

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Health Food : Korean Intestine Care Probiotic


  1. Function : probiotics (Beneficial germs increasing, Harmful germs decreasing, Improving ·bowel movements)
  2. 3rd generation lactobacillus which is customized for Asian (Asian has the long intestine, compared with western people. The kind of lactobacillus is different with westerner’s lactobacillus.)
  3. Lactobacillus which is founded in Intestine of long livers (Key point for long life)
  4. Lactobacillus which is based on clinical science data (SCI thesis paper, Acid-Proof, Bile acid-Proof, Harmful germs control, Adhesive property in intestine)
  5. A lot of lactobacillus reach intestine healthy.
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Health Food _ Korean Intestine Care Probiotic